I like signs. 

A lot of people take pictures old signs, but I think still photos rob you of the people, places, and general sentiment that come with them. So I film them. The hope is that the parallax of video makes it feel feel as if I've cut a square in your screen and this sign is on the other side.

Filming the signs also lets you see the people and animals and whatever else might be moving around it. For a few years now I’ve collected these video loops of signs that I’ve found along my travels. When I film these signs the people who live or work near them often come out and confess that they love it too and sometimes they’ll tell me the story behind it. In this case I'll have no choice to write about it. 

Signs are more than just art. Signs are utilitarian first, art second. Signs are made because the sign-maker/benefactor needs us to do something -- buy, watch,  stop walking on the grass, etc. Signs are ads. At the most basic level, signs tell us who we are as a consumer base. If not, they tell us who the sign makers think we are. If not, they tell us who we want to be. If not, they tell us who the sign makers want us to want to be. Signs don't just tell us about the product, they tell us about us. I find this stuff fascinating and if there's a sign that makes you feel the same way, please contact me through the "submit" page.

Below is a gallery of my favorites so far. Click around. I'll update regularly.