Tucumcari, NM

This sign is really a logo painted on each three sides of an abandoned garage. There's a lot going on here. It uses four thick, 1950's-masculine colors, two different fonts and a number of different shapes. And yet it takes no time to register in your brain as one singular logo with one singular feel -- this is your neighborhood repair shop. 

This logo is so homey it seems straight out of a sitcom about a repair mechanic dad and his wacky family. Or one of those picture books for kids called "WHAT'S IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?" The beauty of this sign, to me, is the type selection. The "Chris'" font is a flowy script as if Chris signed it himself. "Auto Repair" is in a enough-introduction-let's-fix-your-car-Sir sans-serif BOLD. 

What's most amazing to me is that this logo looks clean . I realize it isn't actually clean -- you can literally see the grime on it. You can also see the broken windows, abandoned vehicle in reflection and the general disarray the shop is in. No one in Tucumcari could tell me who owned this shop originally, so it seems to have been abandoned for a while. But this sign-maker made a logo so crisp and Andy-Griffithy that it feels  clean.