OK, so there's a blog now

As a former Google Reader (RIP) addict, I feel a blog is necessary. I'll warn you, opening my blog as a single feed will probably make your computer slow because it will be running a bunch of hd videos at once. Let me know in the comments how these load for you. Give me any and all suggestions. 

 I'm going to test this by starting with what the site is: 

This is a site for signs. Sign-making is an art and when I see good ones, especially old good ones, I need to make sure everyone else can see them too. I think still photos rob you of the mass, texture, shape and presence of the sign so I post them in video loops.

I want it to feel as if I've cut a square in your screen and this sign is on the other side. Unfocus your eyes. It'll happen.

You don't need to pause it, there's no volume to adjust, it's just there and it will be there if you come back to it. 

The site has a gallery of posts. Click around. I'll update regularly.